How to Relate with Your Non-Prepping Spouse or Family

Very good, balanced insight from Off Grid with Brad & Kelly regarding the role you play with your non-prepping spouse or family members. Sure, it’s great when you have a community of like-minded people, but it’s important to understand our purpose with those who have their head in the sand or simply have a different set of skills and role to play.

Google, YouTube and Lessons from the Queen

Something very nefarious is going on at YouTube. Watch as The SGT Report accurately compares what’s happening at YouTube with the Queen. YouTube has followed Facebook’s lead down the sewer line. The tares continue to overtake the wheat. More Blood on the Altar.

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The Perfect Storm of Weather Changes, Man-Made Disaster, Nuclear War or Terrorism

The increase in storms and natural disasters continue to increase in the United States as well as around the globe. Most meteorologists and the mainstream media aren't talking about why any of this is...

LGBT Greeters in Heaven: Our Twisted & Mistaken Identity as Believers

A recent article by Theodore Shoebat (which we re-posted part of here) brings the twisted view of many Catholic leaders (and others) regarding Christian perspective on homosexuality and LGBT in heaven. Here's the quote...

Hanford Reminds Us: Radiation Disaster a Huge Threat to US and Global Health

The Department of Energy recently declared a state of emergency at the Hanford nuclear production complex in Washington, which could be one of the biggest health and environmental threats to the United States ever....

The Seven Mountains of Prophecy – Derek Gilbert Video Presentation

Find the real history behind the supernatural realm in Biblical Scripture through this amazingly informative presentation from Derek Gilbert. Gilbert summarizes the Divine Council (Michael Heiser) and the supernatural war which co-exists and intertwines...

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