AMI Smart Meters Defined In Four Minute Cartoon

by Catherine J. Frompovich, Activist Post:

To most utility customers, AMI Smart Meters may be an unknown entity, even though they have one on their electric service, and probably on their natural gas and water utilities too!   The goal is to have at least 90 million AMI Smart Meters installed in the USA by 2020.  Larger cities already are AMI SM-retrofitted.

Electric power prices may rise!  How interesting, since an ‘objective’ of AMI SMs supposedly is to save consumers money.  Well, in order to do that, think about making dinner at 10 PM, running the dishwasher at midnight, or doing laundry at 2 AM in order to save on your utility bills.  Otherwise, consumers, who use power during peak hours, will be making mucho profits for utilities bottom lines.

What’s the meaning of the 2020 date mentioned in the not-so-funny, but-fact-serious-cartoon?  It apparently is a pre-set date for AMI SM installation ‘completion’ so as to be in compliance with the New World Order Agenda 21, which incorporates the AMI Smart Meter agenda as part of the global surveillance schema being rolled out using technology and all ‘smart’ appliances, including that beloved smart phone.

Agenda 21 is explained by well-informed activist Deborah Tavares.  Check out to access “Technocracy papers in Agenda 21”.

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