The Real Reasons Why Unannounced Kissinger Visited Trump-Pedogate and VZ Intervention


trump-and-kissingerThis meeting had nothing to do with Kissinger helping Trump to avoid impeachment as being reported in the mainstream media. This MSM lie is totally devoid of logic. Does it even make sense that Kissinger, unannounced, would visit the White House to help Trump avoid impeachment. Politically, they are opposites. This meeting as I have learned has to do with military action in VZ and the scope of Sessions pedogate investigations.


In Part One of this series, I explored the fact that it is entirely likely that Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, will pursue criminal charges for child-sex-trafficking against former Obama administration senior officials and the former disgraced and very perverted Congressman, Anthony Weiner, and his wife, former Deputy to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, will be leveraged to turn state’s evidence against these soon-to-be disgraced and hopefully incarcerated officials. I have asked the questions as to whether the charges will consist of facilitation or actual participation and I was told that it is both depending on the indvidual. Since I publlished Part One, more information is coming to light.

Additional Revelations

In our business, receiving information from a deep cover source, on the condition of anonymity, is part of the landscape and the more dramatic the content, the more likely that the information is highly guarded and revelations could prove dangerous and deadly. The key to good reporting is to detrmine the likelihood of the information being factual when the content becomes a matter of public record. My reporting on the potential coup over Benghazi against Obama’s leadership is a case in point.

From an anonymous source, well-placed source, I have learned that there is a “secret” special task force, which was hand-selected by Trump and Sessions, because they could trust Comey’s FBI.  the purpose of this task force is serving to protect whistleblowers and conduct further investigations into Pedogate allegations. Additionally, as a result of this breaking information, it is clear to me that this is one more reason why Comey was fired when he was.  The timing of Comey’s firing coincides with Henery Kissinger’s visit to the White House to see President Trump on the heels of the stunning firing of the former FBI director.  To put it bluntly, Comey could have been in a position to fully uncover the details of this secret group and could have endangered the lives of potential whistleblowers.

Kissinger Visits the White House, Unannounced

The meeting, two days ago, with the former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, was not included on Trump’s public schedule, according toWhite House briefing pool reports. Trump said the meeting consisted of discussions “about Russia and various other matters.”

What I have learned, is that Kissinger spoke to Trump on two issues according to my source and it was emphasized that “many” now have the following information:

  1. The two men spoke of the deepening crisis in VZ and the fact that the VZ military is joining the people in an attempt to overthow Maduro who was complicit in helping then, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in setting up essentiallly a food embargo against VZ in retaliation for their country’s oil industry’s role in the interference in the 2008 election. If you recall, the 2008 election had a very interesting backdrop. McCain chose Sarah Palin to be VP for a very specific reason. McCain knew that the old guard oil/banking establishment was backing Obama. Palin, as Governor of Alaska, knew all the oil players that wanted a role in opening the North Shore Alaskan oil developent and the creation subsequent pipelines to the lower 48 states which would have undercut the power and influence of Exxon, BP and old guard Rockefeller dominated oil industry. At the center of the challenge, as I have covered before, was essentially the BRICS and Citgo oil. This brought in China, VZ and Rupert Mucdoch of owner of Fox News. Dark money was filtered into McCain’s campaign from this counter-establishment group, but the effort was unsuccessful and VZ was selected to be made an example of. Now that the American military is engaged in what strongly appears to be SNAP military drills near VZ., and this clearly speaks to the establishment’s intent to intervene militarily. I created a podcast as a support set up piece for this article regarding this development. Subsequently,  I reported earlier this week, the VZ military is defecting and siding with the people. The NWO will have no more populism rearing its ugly head and this potential rebellion will be crushed under the guise of providing humanitarian aid. This was part of the reason for Kissinger’s surprise visit to the White House. Adding legitmacy to this report is the fact that Hugo Chavez was taken out by the CIA for his numerous outbursts against the NWO and their initiatives. VZ is the perfect target for revenge and to make a public example of what happens to nations who oppose globalism because VZ was not protected by Russian  treaties like so many of the BRICS are. Therefore, there is no risk of war like there would be
  2. The second reason that Kissinger visited the White House has to do with the scope of Sessions “potentially embasrrasing” child-sex-trafficking investigations. My source said the word leaked to him said that the establishment may not interfere with the prosecution of one, or more, former high-level officials of the Obama adminstration for crimes other than child-sex-trafficking. I have backtracked to some of pedogate sources and this is consistent to what many think could be a back-room deal to keep the trafficking off the charts, but to send someone like Hillary Clinton to prison for the national security violations related to the emails.


Earlier this week, I noted that AG Sessions is quietly working his way up the ladder of prosecuting these animals who would exploit our children. The timing of this revelation makes perfect sense. We may never see a Pizzagate/Pedogate participant do jail time, but I think it is highly likely that someone of a prominent nature will be offered up as a sacrifice to shut down the investigation. This is speculation, but I would expect that the cessation of the so-called and ridiculous Russian-ties allegations against Trump will also disappear.

This could be a very hot summer.