A Call to Arms

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; Psalm 28:7 NASB

Helped – So you’re up against it. That old feeling of helplessness, abandonment, anxiety, fear, worthlessness is back again. You thought you’d overcome it, but then something happened. Something you didn’t expect, weren’t prepared for. And suddenly you’re that little child again, afraid. It’s no use trying to convince yourself that you shouldn’t feel like this. You do! End of story. At this point the mind can’t talk the rest of you out of how you feel. When you try, discouragement and disappointment set in.

You must STOP trying to talk yourself out of this. You need rescue. You need help. You need the army to show up and defeat the bad guys for you. You need a God of ʿāzar. “Used approximately eighty times in the ot, ʿāzar generally indicates military assistance.”[1] That’s right. Military! Big guns and lots of ammo. Shock and awe. Rockets. Grenades. A nice .50 caliber wouldn’t be bad. All the stuff you aren’t allowed to have as a civilian, but just what God brings to the battle.

Just one thing. God brings reinforcements, not escape. You aren’t getting out of this fight. You are just going to participate in the victory. “It is absolutely pointless to ask God for something which we ourselves are not prepared to do.”[2] So, if you’re prepared to die to win your freedom, then God will show up and make sure you don’t. Otherwise He will probably leave you alone to fight by yourself until you come to the place where you know you cannot win (OR CONTROL) the battle without Him.

For some of us, especially those of us who are practiced in controlling life, we find it incredibly difficult to get to the place where we give up trying to win on our own. We usually think, “Well, I’ve made it this far. I can overcome (we hear sounds of the song in the background). I just need more ­__________ (you fill in the blank).” We have not yet come to die. We are not true patriots for the Kingdom. We are not prepared to be martyrs in the cause of our own freedom. So, God leaves us alone. And slowly we discover that we don’t have what it takes.

“Rescue me!” is not a cry for retreat. It is a cry for spiritual howitzers. God has them, close at hand, waiting for your call.

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Tomorrow is Rosanne’s birthday. We will have some cake on the Sognefjord.

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[2] Anthony Bloom, Beginning to Pray, p. 64.