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Here are several Christian news headline feeds providing coverage and perspective beyond the mainstream media. Christians should always: understand what Scripture says regarding issues, government, and society, share with other Christians for discernment, understand agendas and tactics of “the adversary,” follow the money trail, apply logical arguments in drawing conclusions and ultimately rely on “the more sure word of prophecy” (2 Pet 1:19). Remember Peter walking on the water? DO NOT FEAR and keep your eyes on the Lord!

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  • Robots now capable of growing human organs May 21, 2018
    Is there anything robots can’t do? They can perform our jobs, get periods and now . . . grow human organs.  Scientists at the University of Washington School of Medicine have developed an automated system that uses robots to produce human mini-organs from stem cells. According to Science Daily, the ability to mass produce “organoids” […]
  • ‘Purge Against Christians’ Underway in China as Persecution Ramps Up May 21, 2018
    It feels like every day we are hearing more news about China increasing persecution on the Christian community.  Abuses are escalating to unprecedented levels as we’re seeing a full out “purge against Christians” in the Zhejiang province in Eastern China perpetrated by the government, according to organizations monitoring the situation on the ground. ChinaAid, a watchdog group, […]
  • Vegas shooting victim experiences Heaven during tragedy May 21, 2018
    One of the first people shot during the Las Vegas shooting massacre has reunited with the retired firefighter who saved her.  Las Vegas resident Rosemarie Melanson wouldn’t be alive today had it not been for her the “guardian angel” who got her to safety on October 1 when a gunman opened fire on the Route […]
  • LGBT community cheers pope’s ‘God made you like this’ remark May 21, 2018
    Pope Francis’ reported comments to a gay man that “God made you like this” have been embraced by the LGBT community as another sign of Francis’ desire to make gay people feel welcomed and loved in the Catholic Church.  Juan Carlos Cruz, the main whistleblower in Chile’s clerical sex abuse and cover- up scandal, said […]
  • PROPHECY WATCH: Macron wants to build French-led new world order – but no-one is listening May 21, 2018
    Emmanuel Macron has been a busy man. While he has a unique vision for France’s global role, his vision is falling on deaf ears.  At the end of April, French President Macron received a standing ovation from the US Congress. At around the same time, he also had a phone call with Iranian President Hassan […]
  • Kuwait Demands UN Force to ‘Protect’ Gazans From Israel May 21, 2018
    Kuwait asked the UN Security Council to “guarantee the safety and protection of the Palestinian civilian population,” and to consider the deployment of “an international protection mission,” the AP reported on Friday. Kuwait is a current member of the UNSC. The draft circulated by Kuwait demands that Israel “immediately cease its military reprisals, collective punishment […]
  • Hawaii volcano’s two-story lava wall blocks crucial escape route, residents urged to steer clear of toxic cloud May 21, 2018
    Lava gushing out of cracks caused by Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano over the weekend formed a two-story wall blocking parts of a highway crucial for residents to escape. as authorities warn them to steer clear of the plumes of acid and extremely fine shards of glass billowing into the sky.  The active flows from some of […]
  • Christian therapist fired over biblical marriage beliefs May 21, 2018
    A longtime licensed clinical social worker who was ordered to be a “social worker first, Catholic second” and then fired because of her biblical beliefs about marriage is suing the agency that dismissed her.   The suit was filed by the Thomas More Law Center on behalf of Kathleen Lorentzen. Lorentzen had asked permission from her former employer, HealthSource Saginaw […]
  • School Board in Virginia considering teaching students there is no “Biological Sex” May 21, 2018
    In an apparent competition among American public school boards to see which sex-education program can be made the most graphic and politically correct, there’s likely a new leader.  In a stunning development, the Fairfax County School Board in Northern Virginia is considering teaching children there is no such thing as “biological sex” and also that “clergy” […]
  • More Americans than ever belief that Jesus is not the only way to Heaven May 21, 2018
    Just over two months ago, as winter landed its final blows of snow in New York City, Michael A. Walrond Jr. of Harlem’s 10,000-member First Corinthian Baptist Church landed an ideological blow of his own in traditional Christendom.  Walrond, who was named “One of the Lord’s Foot Soldiers” by Newsweek magazine, told his congregants that […]

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  • Pope’s Reported Comment To A Gay Man May Indicate A New Level Of Acceptance Of Homosexuality May 21, 2018
    WEB Notes: While this is a new report, this is actually old hat. This is not the first time he or the church has said something like this. Just do a search on our site for “Pope” and you can see some of the past headlines. One headline... ---
  • Pompeo Promises Strongest Sanctions In History On Iran May 21, 2018
    WEB Notes: Does this actually surprise anyone? Of course not. Iran held their end of the bargain, the US did not. Why?… War. The children of Satan are pushing their plan forward for a conflict with Iran. That becomes more apparent as the days... ---
  • US Birth Rate Hits All-Time Low: What’s Behind The Decline? May 20, 2018
    WEB Notes: They really do not provide any answers here. They mention the economy and that could be one reason. Another reason could be, as a people we are distracted by “life,” the things we perceive to be important… The... ---
  • US, China Agree To Abandon Trade War May 20, 2018
    Washington and Beijing have agreed to abandon any trade war and back off from imposing tariffs on each other, Chinese state media reported Sunday. The announcement came after high-level talks in the US capital and followed months of tensions over... ---
  • UN, EU Call For Global Action To Protect Bees May 20, 2018
    The United Nation’s food agency and the European Union on Saturday called for global action to protect pollinators, and bees in particular, which are crucial for ensuring food security. “It is not possible to have food security if we... ---
  • Trump Signs New Environmental Executive Order May 20, 2018
    WEB Notes: I am so tired of hearing about these illegal executive orders. These are decrees period. Any President can come up with their own decrees, this is not how this nation is supposed to be ran or operated. President Trump is starting his own... ---
  • ‘End Times Fatigue’: Evangelicals Find Biblical Case For Israel Less Compelling May 19, 2018
    WEB Notes: End times fatigue. When people believe the Return of Christ is next year, each and every year that will certainly bring about end times fatigue. If you continue reading this article at the source, this thought process left some abandoning... ---
  • Donald Trump’s Threat To Kim Jong-Un: Make A Deal Or Suffer Same Fate As Gaddafi May 19, 2018
    WEB Notes: This administration is full of warmongers. This is not negociating with good intensions and peace in mind. If you had a dispute with your neighbor, how willing would he be to ment the issue if you told him, ‘you make peace with me... ---
  • Santa Fe High School shooting: Suspect identified as Dimitrios Pagourtzis May 19, 2018
    WEB Notes: Unfortunately, this is becoming all too common these days. When we push aside God and call for schools that are gun free, we really are not doing ourselves any favors. According to other media outlets the shooter displayed Nazi and... ---
  • Will The Antichrist Shut Off Communication That Speaks Against Him? May 18, 2018
    Will The Antichrist Shut Off Communication That Speaks Against Him? Welcome to Bible Question and Answer, our bi-weekly series where we provide Bible verses, answers and advice to the questions and concerns you have. During the course of the last... ---

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  • Unpacking 1 Corinthians 12 May 20, 2018
         I think I'm safe in saying that 1 Corinthians, Chapter 12 is one of the most deliberated chapters in the Bible. At the heart of the chapter is the subject of spiritual gifts given to believers by the Holy Spirit. In fact, Paul begins his letter to the growing Church in Corinth (scholarly estimates […]
  • Don't Sleep Through The Harvest May 17, 2018
         As my body matures with age and my relationship with Jesus matures spiritually, I am less concerned with the trappings of this world. Oh, there was a time that it mattered if my salary was increasing, or how late the model of my car was, or even how many square feet was in my […]
  • Kingdom Living Is Miracle Territory May 14, 2018
         There are some days that I just have to devote to shouting the praises of Jesus! Today is such a day. As I am becoming more and more aware of the demarcation line between me and Christians who do not perceive Kingdom living the same as Mark and I, the greater measure of the […]
  • Wolves In The Church May 10, 2018
         I'm sure you are familiar with Jesus's Biblical warning in Matthew 7:15 which says, Beware of the false prophets, [teachers] who come to you dressed as sheep [appearing gentle and innocent], but inwardly are ravenous wolves. Implicit in this warning is that wolves of deceit have snuck into the Church and are ready to […]
  • Understanding The Five-Fold Ministry May 7, 2018
         I want to ask you to forgive me as I make use of this blog to try to determine a true Scriptural understanding of what, in modern church language, has become known as "the five-fold ministry". Mind you, I am not disputing its existence, or importance, I simply want to give it a proper […]
  • The Enemy Has Stolen God's Omnificense! May 4, 2018
         I know what you're thinking.... she has spelled the word wrong. Doesn't she mean God's Omnipotence, or His Omniscience, or perhaps she meant to say His Omnipresence. No, I want to talk about Jehovah God's Omnificense. You've never heard that word, let alone heard it used to describe God? Don't worry. I hadn't either […]
  • But Where's The Application? May 1, 2018
        I love to read inspiring articles and opinions/commentaries. And my heart is always over-joyed when the words I read echo the sound of the Lord's voice that I hear. There are even times that I feel like I could have written what I'm reading -- that's how close the narrative is to how I […]
  • The Power of Intercessory Prayer Apr 27, 2018
         Yesterday, Mark and I drove three hours to lead a teaching on the Power and Authority of the Believer and how that intersects with Kingdom living. But it quickly became clear to us that the focus of our day was going to be on intercessory prayer. During that three hour drive, we received three […]
  • God Has Equipped Us! Apr 24, 2018
         I remember when I was a first-year Journalism major at the University of Texas.  Among the first things you're taught about writing is the five W's: Who, What, When, Where and Why. At this very elementary stage, our professor was equipping us to become good news reporters. But my first assignment was to […]
  • The Importance Of Dividing Soul and Spirit Apr 19, 2018
         I can't quite explain it, but I am continually amazed at the journey I'm on with Jesus. For some time now, I have been discerning that I am short-changing my spirit, if that makes sense. I am well aware that I am a three-part being -- body, soul, and spirit. I have been seeking […]

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  • Tom Fitton: A DOJ Spying Investigation would be a Win for the Rule of Law May 21, 2018
    Tom Fitton: Obama Justice Department told FBI to Stand Down on Clinton
    How many innocent children must die before the “Liberalism” is forever banned? Let’s face it. Although the American nation is among the best nations on Earth, there are evil people among us. Some of them, perhaps, can overcome their evil and become good, eventually, but many will not.
  • SPIES LIKE OBAMA? May 21, 2018
    On Sunday a justifiably outraged President Trump called for the former Obama administration to be investigated for its unprecedented and profoundly un-American spying and sabotage operation against the 2016 Trump campaign. “I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the [Federal Bureau of Investigation/Department […]
  • Socialist thug Nicolas Maduro ‘wins’ Venezuelan ‘elections’ while people flee and starve May 21, 2018
    You realize it’s not a real election when political opposition is put in jail, and when the only party that has any sort of legal status controls everything from the polling to the counting.
  • Liberals Try to Break a Mentally Tough and Focused Trump May 21, 2018
    Although President Trump is currently fulfilling one campaign promise after another, turning the economy around and making significant advancements on the international stage in North Korea, Israel and Iran you would never know it if you followed the mainstream media.
  • Drugs Used as Political Warfare May 21, 2018
    There is no question we have a national opioid (drug) epidemic.  The genesis of this national tragedy goes back many generations and administrations.  Dr. Joseph D. Douglass, Jr. in his well-researched book, “Red Cocaine,” discusses in detail how our historical enemies, primarily Beijing and Moscow, made it official state policy to use drugs as a […]
  • Mother: Texas school shooter targeted one of his victims after she rejected his ‘aggressive advances’ at least four times May 21, 2018
    I’m inclined to say the sexual revolution is more responsible for this one than the Second Amendment. It sounds to me like this guy was an “incel,” and he didn’t like it one bit.
  • If Liberals Were Animals, it Would be an Improvement May 21, 2018
    If liberals were animals, if would be a marked improvement. For one thing, animals don’t lie. Ever since President Trump characterized MS-13 gang members as “animals,” Democrats have been playing dumb (when they haven’t actually been dumb) for political gain.
  • Real Russian collusion the Dems and MSM ignore May 21, 2018
    Robert Mueller’s politicized investigation into allegations that President Trump or the Trump campaign or some Trump associate somehow colluded with Russians continues unproven but unabated. Many think partisan politics ensure it will not be concluded or terminated before the fall 2018 elections.
  • Another Strange Endorsement, or Trump vs. Trumpism in California May 20, 2018
    A brief direct message on Twitter gave me the grave news I feared the most: President Trump endorsed John Cox, a Chicago-born businessman who carpet-bagged to California five years ago, for Governor of California. I am stunned, and it made me sick to my stomach. Full disclosure: I support Assemblyman Travis Allen for governor, the […]

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  • Marseille: Hooded men open fire with Kalashnikovs May 21, 2018
    (EXPRESS) — HOODED gunmen have opened fire with automatic rifles, kalashnikovs, in Marseille, in south France – with one person reportedly injured. The men opened fire on a group of young people not far from the cultural space known as ‘La Busserine’, local media Corse-Matin reports. Three vehicles with the masked individuals arrived in the […]
  • Rosenstein asks IG to review 'Obama spying' on Trump campaign May 21, 2018
    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has asked Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz to review a claim reported last week by the New York Times that the Obama administration placed an FBI informant inside the Trump campaign in 2016. “If anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes, we need to know […]
  • New effort to police cryptocurrency investment schemes May 21, 2018
    (CNBC) — Regulators in the U.S. and Canada are launching a widespread crackdown on some cryptocurrency investment schemes, members of the North American Securities Administrators Association said Monday. More than 40 state and provincial watchdogs are participating in “Operation Crypto-Sweep,” which has triggered at least 70 investigations so far. The coordinated effort, first reported by […]
  • Now India charges Google is biased May 21, 2018
    Google already is facing claims of bias and abuse of its power in the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union. Now, India has joined the chorus. The Competition Commission of India has found that the company “abused its dominant position in online general web search and web-search advertising services.” The commission imposed a $20 […]
  • China to end birth limits as soon as this year? May 21, 2018
    (BLOOMBERG) — China is planning to scrap all limits on the number of children a family can have, according to people familiar with the matter, in what would be a historic end to a policy that spurred countless human-rights abuses and left the world’s second-largest economy short of workers. The State Council, China’s cabinet, has […]
  • 'Deep State' desperate, says Clinton pollster May 21, 2018
    (THE HILL) — The “deep state” is in a deep state of desperation. With little time left before the Justice Department inspector general’s report becomes public, and with special counsel Robert Mueller having failed to bring down Donald Trump after a year of trying, they know a reckoning is coming. At this point, there is […]
  • Pope to 'gay' man: 'God made you like that, loves you like that' May 21, 2018
    (TELEGRAPH) — God loves gay people and it is fine to be homosexual, Pope Francis has reportedly said. The Pope made the remarks, which went significantly beyond his previous tolerance for homosexuality, during a meeting three weeks ago with a Chilean man who had been sexually abused by Catholic priests. The Pope offered a heartfelt […]
  • 'Chilling smear': Saudis crack down on women activists May 20, 2018
    (BLOOMBERG) — Saudi Arabia’s crackdown on prominent women’s rights advocates is a “chilling development” for independent critics of the government, Amnesty International said in a statement. Saudi authorities arrested seven activists last week, one month before the lifting of a longstanding ban on women drivers. Officials accused the activists of working “together in an organized […]
  • U.S. won't recognize Venezuela-election result May 20, 2018
    (REUTERS) — The United States will not recognize the result of Venezuela’s presidential election on Sunday, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan told journalists. The United States is actively considering oil sanctions on Venezuela and Sullivan said a response to Sunday’s vote would be discussed at a G20 meeting in Buenos Aires on Monday. […]
  • Congressional report: Iran's economy could collapse May 20, 2018
    The U.S. decision to drop out of the Iran nuclear agreement could cause the Iranian economy to decline and ultimately collapse, a report from the Congressional Research Service affirms. “There is potential for Iran’s economy to decline to the point where Iran’s leaders decide to accept a renegotiation of the JCPOA along the lines President Trump has insisted […]

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  • Astounding technology for its time: Steamships May 21, 2018
    The SS Savannah left May 22, 1819, from Savannah, Georgia, and 25 days later arrived in Liverpool, England, completing the first trans-Atlantic voyage by steamship. To pay tribute to the American Merchant Marine, President Franklin Roosevelt designated May 22, 1933, as National Maritime Day. Ronald Reagan commented, May 20, 1986: “When steam-powered vessels began to […]
  • The phony outrage about Trump's 'animals' comment May 21, 2018
    First it was Nancy Pelosi twisting President Trump’s characterization of MS-13 as “animals,” suggesting he was actually labeling all illegal aliens as such. Then the floodgate opened. That one outrageous cheapshot led to another and another and another throughout the media. It was a damnable lie from hell. CNN’s phony “Republican” analyst was asked by […]
  • President Trump: A lot like Old Glory May 21, 2018
    Republicans and Democrats alike have thrown everything at President Trump but the proverbial kitchen sink. And yet, like “Old Glory,” i.e., the American flag, flying proudly over Fort McHenry as it withstood the relentless assault of enemies committed to robbing American citizens of their freedom and subjugating us to bow before the Throne of England, […]
  • Why I loved Harry and Meghan's royal wedding May 21, 2018
    If your only takeaway from the royal wedding was that Prince Harry bucked tradition to marry his half-black bride, Meghan Markle, you truly missed the bigger picture. I’m not ashamed to admit I watched the royal wedding Saturday. Not only did we witness history in the making as far as race relations are concerned, but […]
  • Is new law the beginning of the end of Roe v. Wade? May 21, 2018
    Just a few weeks ago, Iowa passed the most restrictive abortion ban in the nation since Roe v. Wade. Although it does contain several exceptions, the law generally bars doctors from performing abortions after the baby’s heartbeat can be detected, which is usually around six weeks. If you’re thinking that this law directly conflicts with […]
  • How to push back the 'blue wave' May 21, 2018
    Is the blue wave all of us keep hearing about in the DMIC: Democrat Media Industrial Complex for real? Most states are blue states or purple states, and the only way to turn a purple state red is the old-fashioned way: by driving America First Republicans and independents to the polls and outnumbering the tens […]
  • The Yanny vs. Laurel debate and biblical truth May 21, 2018
    The Yanny vs. Laurel debate has taken the internet by storm. What did you hear when you heard the robot audio clip? As I listened, there was no doubt that the word was “Laurel,” no matter how many times I listened. It was “Laurel,” clear as a bell. For others, the word was definitely “Yanny.” […]
  • Pull the plug on 'right to die' movement May 21, 2018
    The recent Texas teen school shooter planned to slaughter scores and then commit suicide. Nothing unusual about the plan as impressionable young people are committing suicide at alarming rates. At the same time, Netflix heralds a second offering of the series “13 Reasons Why,” a popular program documenting events leading to the suicide of a […]
  • Trade deals must protect intellectual property rights May 21, 2018
    Note: Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief of Forbes, contributed to this column. Donald Trump is now deep into trade negotiations with China and NAFTA 2.0 negotiations with Canada and Mexico. We are strong free traders, but we believe that Trump’s plans to negotiate better trade agreements that reduce trade barriers abroad are right on the mark. He […]
  • Royal wedding sermon: Progressive Christianity at its best May 21, 2018
    (Daily Beast) — Paige Patterson and Michael Curry could not be any different. But they are both leaders of the two largest Protestant denominations in the United States. They are in the news for very different reasons. Patterson, who is the head of a Southern Baptist seminary, drew widespread scorn for his comments about how […]

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  • Syrians Indicted for Trying to Hack White House May 21, 2018
    Two Syrians, part of a group called the Syrian Electronic Army, have been indicted for cyberattacks that reportedly targeted the White House, news agencies, and several non-government organizations. The federal grand jury indictment includes 11 counts against Ahmad ‘Umar Agha and Firas Dardar, who were identified as members of the SEA. They are accused of […]
  • Kilauea Explodes Again May 21, 2018
    This morning, a small explosive eruption occurred inside the Halemaumau Crater at the summit of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano. According to the U.S. Geological Survey’s Hawaii Volcano Observatory, the eruption occurred at 12:55 a.m. local time, or approximately 6:55 a.m. EDT, sending up an ash plume to a height of roughly 7,000 feet that was blown […]
  • Pressure Mounting on Iran from Russia May 21, 2018
    Russian President Vladimir Putin made it clear during a recent meeting with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad that the terms of their nations’ relationship had changed, particularly with regard to Iran’s presence in the country. During that meeting the Russian leader told his Syrian counterpart that all foreign troops should leave the country as soon as […]
  • Pope: God Made, Loves Gays as They Are May 21, 2018
    Reportedly speaking to the victim of clerical sexual abuse, Pope Francis told the man God made him homosexual, and loves him as he is, providing the most damaging acceptance of sexual immorality in the Catholic Church to date. Like similar statements attributed to the pontiff that have veered substantially from centuries of Church doctrine, there […]
  • Report: Arizona Preparing for Refugee Crisis May 21, 2018
    According to a new report, Arizona government officials are preparing for a massive influx of as many as 400,000 refugees—from California. The Associated Press is reporting that the Arizona government is partnering with businesses and other organizations to prepare for an all-but-inevitable “big one” magnitude-7-or-higher earthquake to strike the California coastal region. Such a temblor […]
  • Robots Learning by Observing Humans May 21, 2018
    Sunday, a group of researchers for NVIDIA announced they have built a first-of-its-kind machine-learning system that allows robots to learn how to do a task simply by watching human beings do it. NVIDIA’s approach appears to be centered on how an AI is able to learn. Currently, an AI requires vast amounts of “training data” […]
  • 10 Pastors Among Dead in Cuba Plane Crash May 21, 2018
    According to their church, 10 evangelical Christian pastors and their wives were among the dead in a Cuban plane crash on Friday. The Church of the Nazarene’s Mesoamerica Region Director, Dr. Carlos Saenz, made the following statement shortly after the crash occurred: “Today, May 18, at 12:38 pm Cuba time, a flight from Havana to […]
  • China Says the Trade War is Now Off May 21, 2018
    In remarks that have been reportedly repeated by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He told the state-run Xinhua news agency that both sides “reached consensus” this week in Washington to resolve the trade dispute. A short time after that report was released, the White House issued a joint statement from the U.S. and […]
  • DOJ’s IG Will Probe Obama Spying on Trump May 21, 2018
    The Justice Department has announced that its inspector general has now been tasked with looking into possible “impropriety or political motivation” for how the FBI conducted its counterintelligence investigation against the Trump 2016 campaign. Justice Department Spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores told reporters Sunday: “The department has asked the Inspector General to expand the ongoing review […]
  • Victim Rejected Texas Shooter’s Romantic Overtures May 21, 2018
    The mother of one of the 10 victims in Friday’s school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, claims the confessed mass murderer, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, had been romantic advances toward her daughter for the past four months leading up to the shooting. According to The Los Angeles Times, Sadie Rodriguez, the mother of Shana Fisher—who she says […]

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  • New NRA leader Oliver North on school shootings: ‘Disease isn’t the Second Amendment’ May 21, 2018
      Source: Fox News New NRA President Oliver North said Sunday, in the aftermath of the deadly Texas school shooting, that students “shouldn’t be afraid” to attend class but made clear that his gun-rights advocacy group still doesn’t think the solution is limiting Second Amendment rights. “I believe that we can make sure kids are […]
  • Texas School Shooting: Unanswered Questions and Oddities May 21, 2018
    NTKN A shooting last Friday at the Santa Fe High School in Texas left ten people dead, stirring up calls for gun control.  There are some troubling aspects of this case: a doctor said that they are always “prepared for these drills”, the media is silent about the second suspect, and a student witness said, […]
    FE10 As a justification to the fears being raised by the US House Intelligence Committee, who just declared that communist China now poses “a pre-eminent threat to American security and values”, a new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today is further questioning why the Chinese have begun building mass indoctrination camps throughout the United States modeled on those used in their […]
    RRV KABOOM! FEISTY REBA MCENTIRE JUST TOOK ON EVERY TRUMP-HATING LIBERAL…AND WON Yes I’m Right reports: We live very privileged lives here in America, but we can’t ignore that there are still some pretty terrible things happening. Society is disintegrating at a disturbing rate, and we just can’t put it back together as fast as it’s falling […]
  • US neocons trying to scuttle peace process on Korean peninsula: Writer May 20, 2018
    Source: www.presstv.com The neoconservatives in the Donald Trump administration are trying to scuttle the peace process between North Korea and South Korea and the United States, according to American writer and academic James Petras. The United States has canceled a training exercise involving nuclear-capable B-52 bombers flying alongside South Korean warplanes after North Korea threatened to […]
    Source: BUSINESS INSIDER Authorities are trying to determine how a box of ammunition fell from a military helicopter and crashed through the roof of an elementary school in Texas. The Ysleta Independent School District says no one was injured when the ammo box hit Parkland Elementary School in El Paso on Thursday afternoon. The ammo box […]
  • RPM Development Group Warns Residents With Guns: You Will Be Evicted May 20, 2018
    RPM Development Group is the developer issuing the threats and you can just see the lawsuits that are going to pile up against that company. Source: freedomoutpost.com By TIM BROWN A housing developer with several properties in New Jersey has warned that tenants on its properties who own, store or carry guns will face a “notice to […]
    Source: forbiddenknowledgetv.net These are indeed very interesting times in which we’re living. It seems like many of the threads that I’ve been following for so many years are starting to coalesce into a clearer picture of an imminent dystopia reminiscent of Sky Net in The Terminator. The first post that I ever made to this site about Serco was back in 2011 and […]
  • SANTA FE HIGH SCHOOL SHOOTING 10 dead, 10 injured in shooting at Santa Fe High School May 18, 2018
      Source: KTRK   SANTA FE, Texas (KTRK) — A 17-year-old carrying a shotgun and a revolver opened fire at a Houston-area high school Friday, killing 10 people, most of them students, authorities said. It was the nation’s deadliest such attack since the massacre in Florida that gave rise to a campaign by teens for […]
  • Israel’s Extermination of Gazans an Ongoing Holocaust May 18, 2018
      Source: WHTT   Author’s note 5/16/18: This paper received limited attention four years ago. In it Palestinians are referred to by what seems to be their biblical name (Philistines) to help place them in history. This is much closer to being true than European emigrants in Tel Aviv being descendants of Abraham, as many claim […]

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  • Doctor WARNS: Your popular foods are filled with bug parts and animal feathers May 21, 2018
    (Natural News) The next time you go to the grocery store, you might want to think twice about what you’re putting in your shopping cart. According to John Swartzberg or Berkeley’s School of Public Health, many types of foods contain bizarre and even shocking ingredients that most people don’t even know about. Below is a...
  • Dr. Suzanne Humphries reveals the stunning fraud of the CDC and vaccine propagandists May 21, 2018
    (Natural News) In a new interview with Mike Adams on CounterThink, Dr. Suzanne Humphries tells-all, revealing the corrupt vaccine industry’s dirtiest secrets and more. Humphries, a medical doctor and author of Dissolving Illusions: Diseases, Vaccines and the Forgotten History, was a highly regarded nephrologist — before she switched gears and set out to expose vaccines (and the CDC)...
  • Democrats promise to RAISE taxes if they are elected this November May 21, 2018
    (Natural News) The late Ronald Reagan once said that while conservatives believe every day is the Fourth of July, liberals believe every day is April 15th, or Tax Day. Former Speaker of the House and radical leftist Nancy Pelosi reminded us all of just how true Reagan’s words really are at a recent Politico event,...
  • YouTube jumps in with Big Pharma, banning video channels that dare discuss natural cannabis medicine May 21, 2018
    (Natural News) The Natural News YouTube channel has been taken down – this time because we dared to discuss natural cannabis medicine. YouTube has devolved into a tool of censorship, and Big Pharma is taking advantage of it, banning video channels that discuss natural medicine. YouTube is specifically targeting a video on the healing potential of cannabis oil, which...
  • 10 Healing superfoods you can easily grow in your garden May 21, 2018
    (Natural News) The key to a healthy diet is within your reach. You don’t need to go far to get it – since all you’ll be needing is a plot of land in your garden and some elbow grease. Here are 10 superfoods you can easily grow in your garden: Apples – These fruits are packed with...
  • In less than 20 years, the U.S. dollar has lost 80% of its value vs. REAL money (gold) May 21, 2018
    (Natural News) For those among us who feel safe and secure – perhaps even a little smug – about the value of the U.S. dollar, convinced that a Venezuela-type crash of the currency could never happen in the United States, this article is sure to come as a shock. Gold Switzerland recently reported that in...
  • More than 200 chemicals found near fracking wells, some of them are known endocrine disruptors May 21, 2018
    (Natural News) A recent review of scientific literature has shown that the air in unconventional oil and gas (UOG) facilities – such as fracking wells – are laden with hundreds of potentially dangerous chemicals. Of those air pollutants, more than 30 may harm hormones and the endocrine system, according to a West Virginia Public Broadcasting article. Published in the...
  • How to quickly pickle a variety of veggies May 21, 2018
    (Natural News) Pickling is a good way to extend the shelf life of fresh produce, especially if you want to stock up on winter vegetables during summer or vice versa. Almost any vegetable can be pickled, as long as it’s fresh. (h/t to Blog.PaleoHacks.com.) Pickling basics Once you’ve decided on what you’re going to pickle, select...
  • Health Ranger unleashes epic rant against tech giants' censorship and attempted extermination of independent voices May 21, 2018
    (Natural News) The goal of the authoritarian tech giants is the complete extermination of all conservative voices from the internet. Their ultimate goal, of course, is the actual (physical) extermination of conservatives through mass arrests, mass mass murder and the rounding up of any who oppose left-wing authoritarian tyranny. This is what communist / Marxist...
  • What happens when you don’t have the right gut microbes to digest the nutrients in your food? May 21, 2018
    (Natural News) Gut bacteria aid in the proper digestion of pretty much any type of food. And the right gut bacteria are necessary for all kinds of different natural processes to occur. If they are not present, then it could lead to problems. For example, inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) could happen, though the underlying reasons for...

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  • More Signs of The Coming Global Cataclysm May 7, 2018
    It seems every quarter the Earth is demonstrating great change and the world is truly in the throes of upheaval. The thing is none of this is new especially under the Spiritual law…there is nothing new under the Sun.  Meaning at the end of each Age there is a great global cataclysmic event to usher […]
  • A San Francisco Church Plans A Beyoncé Service! Apr 20, 2018
    Y’all done gone too far now, church! There is a church in San Francisco that will perform a mass dedicated toBeyoncé! It is being reported as, San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral Church to Hold Beyoncé Mass. The same women who recited a poem where she would use Bible pages to plug her menstruation! If you are a follower […]
  • HBO Antichrist: The Silicon Valley Attack on Christianity Apr 17, 2018
    My theory is whatever the establishment promotes as bad is probably good and visa versa. Sunday, I was catching up on the latest episode (Tech Evangelist) of the television show Silicon Valley and shockingly there was a direct attack on Christianity. Yes, it was singled out of all other religions in the history of the […]
  • Who Was REALLY Behind The Syria Chemical Attack? Apr 16, 2018
    On Friday night, April 15, 2018. The US along with Britain and France attacked 3 positions in Syria believed to be chemical weapons storage or preparation facilities. This after the president of Syria, Bashaar Al Assad, was accused by the free world of using chemical weapons against his own people in Douma, Syria on April […]
  • Trump’s Cheerleader James Davis: Bastardizing Jesus and Politics Apr 13, 2018
    Facebook was in the hot seat today in the Senate and sometimes I am in the hot seat with preachers on Facebook. Over the year I have observed James Davis, a black preacher, out of Ohio, who has positioned himself as a cheerleader for President Trump. His platform is simple former President Obama was a […]
  • The TRUE Chosen People Will Be A MOCKERY In All Nations! Apr 2, 2018
    On Easter Sunday my “middle little” who is 13 teen years old accompanied me to Kroger grocery store. Upon approaching the entrance we witnessed a bald middle aged white male having heated words with a black driver parked in the parking lot. From what I can gather the black driver drove in a manner which infuriated the […]
  • Cloud Over Arizona: Amazingly Similar to Ancient Egyptian Flying Machine! Mar 28, 2018
    On the evening of March 26, 2018, citizens of Phoenix, Arizona, called in a strange cloud formation resembling a flying machine to a Fox News affiliate. The denizens of Phoenix know all too well about UFO based on the famous “Phoenix Lights” incident on March 13, 1997. Thousands of people witnessed the gigantic formation of V-shaped […]
  • Why The Strange Voice Mail Conspiracy Is A Hoax Mar 21, 2018
    This evening I received a message to look into an alleged  “mysterious” voice mail where a message states a warning about a non-human presence and a dire warning don’t be fooled they are not human. My first issue with the voicemail is the corporately acquired ladies voice used for voicemail. Does this lady have a […]
  • DoD Releases Classified UFO Footage Mar 13, 2018
    As we inch closer to the Second Coming certain prophetic events must be fulfilled and the global elite has their own hand to play off it. They know we are somewhere in the middle or near the end of the “Beginning of the Sorrows” as told by Jesus in Matthew 24:6-8. This means their time […]
  • Get Your Witch On: The Olsen Sisters Show Out! Mar 11, 2018
    It is no secret in Hollywood many of the actors are practicing Satanist. Great fame and fortune was even offered to Jesus if he would bow down and worship Satan. The Olsen twins got into the acting game as babies on the show, “Full House” and parlayed their success into a billion-dollar empire in the […]

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  • The Big Divide: Why Chiropractors Oppose Vaccinations While Medical Doctors Embrace Them May 3, 2018
    There exists a divide between practicing chiropractors and physicians regarding their views on vaccinations. Chiropractors often oppose the practice of vaccinations, understanding the body’s intrinsic ability to heal from illness, and how vaccinations interfere with this process. By contrast, medical doctors are trained in medical schools and hospitals, largely funded by pharmaceutical companies’ dollars. Allopathic […]
  • Four Months of Critical Information is Missing from Alfie Evans’ Timeline May 2, 2018
    Baby Alfie Evans’ life recently came to an end when the Alder Hey Trust pushed to suffocate and starve him two weeks before his second birthday. Alfie’s tragic death raises more questions than answers – specifically why was hospital leadership’s so intent on ending Alfie’s life? The publicly available court document appears to skip approximately […]
  • California Democratic Senators Newman and Pan Caught Fabricating Racism To Exterminate Civil Rights Bill Apr 24, 2018
    Last week California Democratic Senators Josh Newman and Richard Pan fabricated claims of racism to exterminate a civil rights bill, and they got away with it despite their failure to provide any evidence substantiating their allegations.  To date, Senators Newman and Pan have not been held accountable for their actions. The civil rights bill these […]
  • New Jersey’s New Vaccine Bill Attempts to Remove Religious Exemption Apr 9, 2018
    Thursday, April 5th 2018 in Trenton, New Jersey, hundreds of people, including doctors, parents, siblings, and relatives, showed up for the Assembly Health Committee hearing to oppose Assembly bill A3818 – a proposed piece of legislation that would make it incredibly difficult for parents to obtain a religious exemption for their children. Hundreds of people […]
  • 10 Lessons of the Recent Flu Season Mar 8, 2018
    The recent winter flu season of 2017-2018 witnessed numerous news headlines warning of terrible flu outbreaks and countless deaths. With these warnings came stern recommendations for Americans to get their flu shots, followed by suggestions to take prescription Tamiflu if recommended by one’s physician. Many Americans followed and preached this advice to others. The news […]
  • Why Claims of Unvaccinated Flu Deaths Are Highly Deceptive Mar 4, 2018
    A statement was made in January by the CDC chief: “85% of children who died from the flu this season were unvaccinated.” Upon superficial glance, this claim might appear quite frightening to those who have not investigated the scientific literature on vaccines. The CDC has a propensity to omit important information, and the above claim […]
  • DDT and the Polio Fallout Feb 2, 2018
    There’s always a member of your family who you truly love. Who you wish you could spend more time with, and who treated you with so much love in return that you just couldn’t get enough of them. That was my Aunt Gerry. When I was a small guy growing up in Lansing, Michigan, she […]
  • Vaccine Supporter Threatens Mass Shooting… “I’m gonna kill as many of you f#cks as I can before I go down.” Jan 22, 2018
    Dr. Suzanne Humphries, a well-known advocate for vaccine truth, received a heinous death threat in an e-mail message on the night of January 18th, 2018. The e-mail contained criminal references to torture and a mass shooting event. She has filed reports with both the police and FBI. More importantly, Dr. Humphries has opted to be […]
  • Daily Beast Senior Writer: “People Trust Me…But They Shouldn’t” Jan 15, 2018
    In 2015, Daily Beast editor Abby Haglage wrote a hit piece about me and claimed I lied about my military service based off of two sources of information. Her article is inaccurate and some would even say it meets the standard of fake news. Why would I write about this now? A new video of Abby […]
  • Vaccination, the Poisonous Paradigm Jan 6, 2018
    So many doctors and nurses routinely state on social media that in all their years of practice, they’ve never seen a serious vaccine reaction… but they have. If they’ve never seen any clinically obvious severe reactions, it’s likely because children suffering them are generally rushed from home straight to the ER, not back to the […]

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  • Joe Rogan Experience with Mick West May 25, 2017
    [ad_1] Great conversation. Mick West is a writer and debunker who runs MetaBunk.org and ContrailScience.com. Followup from Mick West: Mistakes I made on my Joe Rogan Experience Flat Earth Episode Filed under: Astrology, ChemClouds, ChemTrails, Conspiracy, Debunk, Educational, Flat Earth, Physics, Science Tagged: contrailscience, Flat Earth, metabunk, youtube [ad_2] Source link
  • The Dark Occult Meaning of Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds” May 25, 2017
    [ad_1] Packed with imagery associated with secret societies and the occult elite, Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds” video is a tribute to the secret rulers of the world. There is also a troubling coincidence relating to this video: It was filmed on Westminster Bridge only days before the terrorist attack. Warning: This article contains explicit language. Nicki […]
  • Understanding Iguana Adaptations May 25, 2017
    [ad_1] It goes with no stating that this reptile has a very superior response and iguana adaptation to be in a position to endure and endure in captivity. This would suggest that the iguana has a amazing iguana adaptation document even though that isn’t going to signify that each single iguana or reptile recognized to […]
  • Flat Earth Rising | iLLuMiNuTTi.com May 25, 2017
    [ad_1] By Steven Novella via NeuroLogica Blog » Flat Earth Rising A Flat Earth model depicting Antarctica as an ice wall surrounding a disc-shaped Earth.CREDIT: Creative Commons 1.0 Generic | Trekky0623 Interest in the notion that the earth is flat has been increasing in recent years. I have to say, as much of a jaded […]
  • Forced Entrepreneur May 25, 2017
    [ad_1] The current economic downturn is still on irrespective of promises of recovery. President Obama a short while ago spoke at the White Household and quoted the Department of Labor which approximated that US citizens have shed 3.six million employment due to the fact economic downturn began. For most losing a work is a calamity […]
  • “Bill Nye Saves the World” Episode “The Sexual Spectrum” is a Baffling Ordeal (Updated) May 25, 2017
    [ad_1] Although the word “science” is used every 10 seconds, the series “Bill Nye Saves the World” is less about facts than it is about pushing a specific agenda, which includes making young people confused about gender and sexuality. Update: Added a screenshot from the original Bill Nye the Science Guy series explaining the binarity of […]
  • Treasure Hunters Hoping to Salvage $3-$5 Billion from WWII Wreckage May 25, 2017
    [ad_1] A Portland-based shipwreck hunter has found what he believes to be a ship torpedoed during Entire world War II by a German U-boat off Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Greg Brooks and his associates submitted a claim on the wreck in the US District Court in Portland, Maine, saying that he and his crew intend […]
  • Nursing Is a Service To Humanity May 25, 2017
    [ad_1] From the earliest days of human existence, drugs has been central in man’s wrestle for existence and survival in the deal with of a myriad of ailments and other ailments that every day confront him. In its different types of apply, drugs has been a really regarded occupation and persons seemed upon drugs practitioners […]
  • Sir Winston Churchill – War Leader, Artist and Writer May 25, 2017
    [ad_1] Sir Winston Churchill was a single of Britain’s finest icons and is recognised throughout the world as a single of the finest Chief and Politician of the 20th Century. I believed it would be fascinating to compose the tale of this famed icon from his delivery on November 30th 1874 at Blenheim Palace, a […]
  • The Reptilian Conspiracy May 25, 2017
    [ad_1] Filed under: Aliens, Ancient Aliens, Conspiracy, Cover-up, Creatures, David Icke, Human-Alien Hybrids, Illuminati, New World Order Tagged: alien bloodline, Alien-human hybrid, Alltime Conspiracies, Annunaki, Clintons, Credo Mutwa, David Icke, Donald Trump, Draconis, extraterrestrial, extraterrestrial overlords, extraterrestrial reptilian race, Freemasons, Genesis, globalisation, government, Gulliver’s Travels, Henry Kissinger, human-alien, human-alien hybrid, human-alien hybrid reptilians, humanoid, hybrid […]

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  • The Russians Can Take Down Our Grid and Communications May 21, 2018
    Our country has been sold out. Over the past 7 years, the Russians have been put into position to take down our grid and our communications.  Obama was the catalyst, but his dirty work continues. Here is an outline of what Obama has done to the safety and security of the American people. He helped […]
  • Home of scientists who discovered contaminants in vaccines RAIDED; documents confiscated for the “good of science” May 21, 2018
    By Isabelle Z. Vaccines are one of the most hotly debated topics today, and their defenders often ask those who voice concerns about vaccines to furnish evidence that they’re bad. While there is no shortage of studies showing the harm they cause, a recent incident reminds us that there is likely a lot more information out […]
  • Former DARPA exec to head shady Facebook project called “Building 8” centered around augmented reality and brain-scanning technology May 21, 2018
     By Ethan Huff As if things weren’t already bad enough for Mark Zuckerberg’s baby, Facebook (the world’s least trusted company at this point), now they are apparently working on a secret project behind the scenes that has nothing to do with social media, and everything to do with scanning people’s brains as part of a sinister artificial intelligence […]
  • A Judas Will Appear In the Alt Media to Lead Us Astray May 20, 2018
    In my former days as a college basketball coach, I became very adept at analyzing my opponent by becoming familiar with the tactics and strategies of opposing coaches. I would look for their relative strengths and weaknesses. I would subsequently study how they might potentially employ their strengths against my team. When I felt I […]
  • The UN Is Poised to Make Their Move- Paul Martin with Dave Hodges-CSS Hr 2 May 20, 2018
        I recently interviewed Paul Martin of Revloution Radio.org. Paul had a key alphabet soup source quit because he is bugging out to avoid the coming conflict between the UN and the forces loyal to the US. The UN has many of its asset in place. Paul and I have accumulated the evidence for […]
  • The Civil War Will Begin In California-Paul Preston with Dave Hodges- CSS Hour 3 May 20, 2018
      Middle and upper middle class people are fleeing California in droves. they are weary of high taxes and liberal policies befitting a communist country. What is California turning into? This interview with Paul Preston talks about the absolute state of rebellion that the Democrats have brought to the state of California. Will Trump [...] […]
  • Irish Citizens Coerced to House Muslim Immigrants May 20, 2018
      Do you remember your American History when the British demanded that the colonists housed British soldiers? After the war, we passed the 3rd Amendment which prohibited quartering. Unfortunately, for the citizens of Ireland, they do not have a 3rd Amendment and they are being coerced to take in Muslim immigrants into their Irish [...] […]
  • Police State Surveillance Grid In Sacramento-Is Your City Next? May 20, 2018
    Drones Over Sacramento. It is likely that you could be looking out our bedroom window and there is the government drone staring right back at you. Admittedly, this is tin-foil hat conspiracy theory. No branch or level of government would ever launch drones as part of a police state enforcement grid, would they? [...] The […]
  • EMP Commission warned in 2017 report: “Millions” of Americans would die following “blackout” of power, food, water that could last more than a year May 20, 2018
    By JD Heyes A chilling report from 2017 by a congressional commission established, in part, to study the effects of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) incident in the United States paints a grim picture. Portions of the U.S. — perhaps very large regions — would be devoid of electric power, potable water, food, and other basic necessities […]
  • Economically, 75% of the US Is On the Edge of Disaster May 20, 2018
    Trump's policies are improving the country economically. However, many Americans are not being positively impacted by the President's reform efforts. Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction. Almost half the country is in poverty as it relates to meeting basic needs.  Unbelievably, 25% of Americans do not have a bank account.  A full 78% [...] […]

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  • US State Passes Law Defining Any Criticism of Israel As ‘Anti-Semitic’ Just As They Kill 60 Civilians May 17, 2018
    The news that Israel killed more than 60 Palestinians on Monday alone, has sparked criticism from Americans who are frustrated with the United States’ failure to hold one of its closest allies accountable for the human rights violations it is committing—and individuals in one state will soon be labeled as “anti-Semitic” for openly voicing their […]
  • 15 Points That Prove A Conspiracy To Frame President Trump May 17, 2018
    1. James Comey started this investigation into Russia with zero official intelligence. 2. Robert Mueller’s special counsel was appointed with no crime to investigate.3. The fake Russian dossier was funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.4. The Russian dossier has never been verified, and that is according to Christopher Steele himself. Ex-spy admits anti-Trump dossier unverified, […]
  • The Rules of The Illuminati, How They Operate & What We Can Do To Stop Them May 17, 2018
    The Illuminati, never before has one word been so popular among youth and pop culture. Everybody seems to think a number of celebrities, and more, are in a secret society plotting to take over the world. If you are a student of philosophy and the occult (quest for truth), you would probably agree that, most […]
  • 12 Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle The Female Empath May 16, 2018
    Have you ever noticed that for a female empath love is really hard to find? It is almost as if there is no true person who can handle them and to most, it can be a bit heartbreaking. Being in a relationship with an empath can be a very difficult thing. With that being said, […]
  • Europe To Ditch US Dollar In Payments For Iranian Oil May 16, 2018
    The European Union is planning to switch payments to the euro for its oil purchases from Iran, eliminating US dollar transactions, a diplomatic source told RIA Novosti. Brussels has been at odds with Washington over the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, which was reached during the administration of Barack Obama. President Donald Trump […]
  • Declassified DoD Report Warns US At Risk of Total Collapse, Millions of Deaths From EMP Attack May 16, 2018
    A newly declassified report by the recently re-established Commission to Assess the Threat to the from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack warns that the threat posed by an EMP attack could jeopardize “modern civilization,” return a lifestyle last seen in the 1800’s and leave millions of people dead across the United States. The executive report, entitled Assessing the Threat […]
  • The Seven Sinister Tentacles of “The Invisible Government” May 16, 2018
    Don’t buy into the lie that “America is a free country.” There exists an “Invisible Government” that controls not only America but the world. Some call it the “New World Order” but “Old World Order” is more fitting because its Seven Sinister Tentacles have existed for years: 1) Banks, 2) Pharmaceuticals, 3) Armaments, 4) Religion, […]
  • How To Create Homemade Penicillin‏ May 16, 2018
    This information I feel is very relevant to potentially everyone but specifically those whom may be living in poverty or have limited resources around the world. Oranges and simple bread are two of the most universally common household kitchen items. But did you know that oranges and bread are capable of producing penicillin simply by letting letting […]
  • Life After Death Has Officially Been Confirmed By Experts May 15, 2018
    We all know it’s coming, sooner or hopefully later! Death is just one of those things that happen to us all, eventually. One thing many of us agree on, is life after death, but now scientists confirm that once your heart has stopped beating, your consciousness continues! Over 2,000 people were studied by British scientists […]
  • Oldest Man In The World 256 Years Breaks The Silence Before His Death & Reveals His Secrets May 15, 2018
    According to a 1930 New York Times article, Wu Chung-chieh, a professor of the Chengdu University, discovered Imperial Chinese government records from 1827 congratulating Li Ching-Yuen on his 150th birthday,  and further documents later congratulating him on his 200th birthday in 1877.   In 1928, a New York Times correspondent wrote that many of the old men in Li’s neighborhood asserted that […]

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  • Episode 338 – NGOs Are The Deep State’s Trojan Horses May 21, 2018
    [audio mp3="https://www.corbettreport.com/mp3/episode338-lq.mp3"][/audio]The Trojan horse was the earliest recorded military psyop. That psyop continues to be deployed on unsuspecting populations and it is just as useful as ever, but today's tricksters have donned the mantle of philanthropy, and their Trojan horses are not wooden statues but non-governmental organizations offering "aid" to foreign nations. In today's edition […]
  • Coding the Perfect Matrix May 19, 2018
  • Gaza Massacre, Age of Rage, Podcast Patent – #NewWorldNextWeek May 18, 2018
    This week on the New World Next Week: Israel celebrates its birthday by spilling the blood of unarmed protesters; a think piece on cliodynamics asks if we are destined for an age of rage; and the EFF defeats the podcast patent.
  • Interview 1360 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato May 17, 2018
    [audio mp3="http://www.corbettreport.com/mp3/2018-05-17%20James%20Evan%20Pilato.mp3"][/audio]This week on the New World Next Week: Israel celebrates its birthday by spilling the blood of unarmed protesters; a think piece on cliodynamics asks if we are destined for an age of rage; and the EFF defeats the podcast patent.
  • Chinese World Order Rises in Ashes of Iran Deal May 15, 2018
    China has just opened a new railway link with Iran and CNPC is set to fill the void left by France's Total if and when they leave the South Pars field. It looks like the US pulling out of the Iran deal is win-win for China and the BRICS world order...and the engineered destruction of […]
  • Social Media Alternatives: Mix-Blockchain May 15, 2018
    This week on the Social Media Alternatives series we discuss Mix-Blockchain.org with founder Jonathan Brown.
  • Interview 1359 – Jonathan Brown on Mix-Blockchain May 14, 2018
    [audio mp3="http://www.corbettreport.com/mp3/2018-05-14%20Jonathan%20Brown.mp3"][/audio]This week on the Social Media Alternatives series we discuss Mix-Blockchain.org with founder Jonathan Brown.
  • Financial Survival After the Iran Deal May 14, 2018
    James appears for his bi-monthly appearance on Financial Survival to discuss the latest in news, geopolitics and economics. This week he breaks down the US’ withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and its potential ramifications, including what it means for nuclear negotiations with North Korea.
  • The Fate of the World is in the EU’s Hands (God Help Us All) May 13, 2018
  • Interview 1358 – Financial Survival After the Iran Deal May 12, 2018
    [audio mp3="http://www.corbettreport.com/mp3/2018-05-10%20Financial%20Survival.mp3"][/audio]James appears for his bi-monthly appearance on Financial Survival to discuss the latest in news, geopolitics and economics. This week he breaks down the US' withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and its potential ramifications, including what it means for nuclear negotiations with North Korea.

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  • When 43% of Americans Can’t Pay for Food and Rent, We Can Safely Say the Economic Collapse Is HERE May 21, 2018
    by Daisy Luther You know all those reports about how lots of Americans can’t afford a $1000 surprise expense like a medical bill or a car repair? Well, forget additional … Read the rest The post When 43% of Americans Can’t Pay for Food and Rent, We Can Safely Say the Economic Collapse Is HERE […]
  • Would Your Kids Know How to Survive a School Shooting? May 18, 2018
    Update May 18, 2018: At least 8 people are dead after a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas. Live coverage here. What Your Kids Need to Know to Survive a … Read the rest The post Would Your Kids Know How to Survive a School Shooting? appeared first on The Organic Prepper.
  • Life Without Medical Care: How the Public Health System Collapsed in Venezuela May 18, 2018
    Editor’s Note: People who have been through a collapse, like Jose and Selco, know for a fact what it is like to live in a place where there are no … Read the rest The post Life Without Medical Care: How the Public Health System Collapsed in Venezuela appeared first on The Organic Prepper.
  • Using a Greenhouse for Food Self-Sufficiency May 18, 2018
    by Jackie Roberson This Greenhouse Invention from Purdue Could Help Address the Global Food Crisis Recently, researchers at Purdue University have been working on creating an automated conveyor-belt type system… Read the rest The post Using a Greenhouse for Food Self-Sufficiency appeared first on The Organic Prepper.
  • Dealing with Pantry Pests: Rodents May 17, 2018
    by Melonie Kennedy It’s obvious that rodents can make a big mess, damage structures and food storage containers, and can eat up both our food and the money used to … Read the rest The post Dealing with Pantry Pests: Rodents appeared first on The Organic Prepper.
  • Ebola Goes Urban: WHO Warns of “Potential for EXPLOSIVE INCREASE” May 17, 2018
    by Daisy Luther Ebola is back, and in a “new phase.” The deadly hemorrhagic fever is no longer confined to the remote regions of the Congo. On Wednesday, a man … Read the rest The post Ebola Goes Urban: WHO Warns of “Potential for EXPLOSIVE INCREASE” appeared first on The Organic Prepper.
  • SELCO: What You MUST Know About SHTF Medicine May 16, 2018
    by Selco SHTF medicine was one of the most valuable skills that I used when my country collapsed. I plan to use that medical knowledge again if times get bad, … Read the rest The post SELCO: What You MUST Know About SHTF Medicine appeared first on The Organic Prepper.
  • These Rich and Famous Preppers Are Coming Out of the Bunker. Do They Know Something We Don’t? May 15, 2018
    by Daisy Luther Prepping just doesn’t seem as “crazy” as it used to. It appears that prepping isn’t just for doomsday-fearing, tinfoil hat types anymore. Lots of people have woken … Read the rest The post These Rich and Famous Preppers Are Coming Out of the Bunker. Do They Know Something We Don’t? appeared first on […]
  • Gathering Existing Information for Use After TEOTWAWKI May 14, 2018
    By Anonymous 411 This article is about how to gather existing knowledge and information for use after TEOTWAWKI. Basically, search Wikipedia.org for the basic articles on the six categories listed … Read the rest The post Gathering Existing Information for Use After TEOTWAWKI appeared first on The Organic Prepper.
  • EMP: An Elaborate Hoax or a Legitimate Threat? May 14, 2018
    by Daisy Luther As a prepper and avid reader of post-apocalyptic fiction like One Second After, Alas Babylon, and Going Home, an EMP has long been on … Read the rest The post EMP: An Elaborate Hoax or a Legitimate Threat? appeared first on The Organic Prepper.

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  • Budgetary mind games May 21, 2018
    A debate over a balanced budget is political Kabuki. A so-called budget deficit as an economic or mathematical reality is an exercise in doublethink fiction. But you’d have to get a search warrant to find someone who doesn’t believe in the fiction. In fact, you might have to burn the forest and sift through the […]
  • The WIRE: Your week in review May 18, 2018
    From Gaza to La Raza — and most points in between — it’s time for a look back at the week that was. Personal Liberty Digest® presents: The WIRE! The post The WIRE: Your week in review appeared first on Personal Liberty®.
  • Communists on the rise in Pennsylvania May 17, 2018
    It is no surprise that women and youths are leading lights of the new socialist movement. Minorities are attracted to socialism because they welcome government intervention and intrusion (socialism) as a net for perceived social inequality, poverty and underachievement. Guilt manipulation along with all manner of charades are used to force social and economic equality […]
  • Erase years with facial exercises May 16, 2018
    Want to turn back the clock and look younger than your years? According to a new study, the true secret to a younger looking face is the same one we've always known works for a younger looking body... The post Erase years with facial exercises appeared first on Personal Liberty®.
  • Global elitists are not human May 15, 2018
    It is often said that “other-izing” people overall can be dangerous and other-izing your enemies specifically can be tactically detrimental. For one, it can lead to a false sense of superiority over those people as you assert some kind of imagined genetic advantage. It can also lead to dangerous generalizations of vast groups as you […]
  • Don’t lock them up May 15, 2018
    Ever since the “Lock her up!” chant hit the charts at the GOP National Convention in July of 2016, it has been more than just the bane of the old […] The post Don’t lock them up appeared first on Personal Liberty®.
  • Who is this Bob Livingston and what does he mean? May 14, 2018
    I belong to no political party and am beholden to none. I consider myself an ultra-conservative and a Constitutionalist. Some read what I write and call me a conservative, some a liberal, some a libertarian. As stated above, those labels are meaningless in their current sense. I cannot be placed within any preconceived ideological box. […]
  • Free preparedness resources May 11, 2018
    Emergency preparedness is not cheap. That is not to say that it has to be extremely expensive, but with more people living paycheck-to-paycheck it is becoming more difficult for some to keep extra food on the shelves and make headway in other areas. This set of circumstances makes having free resources not only beneficial, but […]
  • The WIRE: Your week in review May 11, 2018
    From freeing hostages to jailing Rosie — and most points in between — it’s time for a look back at the week that was. Personal Liberty Digest® presents: The WIRE! The post The WIRE: Your week in review appeared first on Personal Liberty®.
  • Bipartisan expansion of indefinite detention May 10, 2018
    In the days of the old Soviet Union, people considered enemies of the state could disappear at any time. Rarely would families learn the fate of their loved ones, who were shuttled off to gulags and tortured or simply shot in the head and deposited in a hole in the ground. The post Bipartisan expansion […]

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