Coptic Christians Carry Out God’s Command to “Love Your Enemies”

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While the Coptic Christian communities in Egypt are still recovering from the string of attacks that made martyrs of many, they have used their situation as a platform to share the gospel. This response of grace and forgiveness has left many Muslim communities wondering how these Christians can respond this way after their loved ones have been killed. Loving our enemies is difficult enough but to do so in the face of persecution is a testament to the strength of God’s love for his church.

06/06/2017 Egypt (Christian Post) – “Pain and agony are like seeds—growing up through the soil of our country to produce the fruit of the gospel.”
This was how a Christian leader described how God is using the recent terror attacks on Christians in Egypt to spread the gospel.

Open Doors USA spoke to a field leader in Egypt to ask how the church is responding to the recent spate of deadly terrorist attacks specifically victimizing Christians. These include the May 26 massacre of at least 30 Coptic Christians who were on their way to a monastery in Egypt and the Palm Sunday bombings of two churches in Egypt that killed scores of Christians.

The unnamed church leader admitted that they have not recovered yet from the deadly attacks. But even though Coptic Christians are still grieving over their martyred fellow believers, “there is a lot of talk about forgiveness and loving our enemies,” he said.

He noted that right after the Palm Sunday attacks, the churches were packed with Christians, which shows that the church is not cowering in fear of the terrorists.

He said Christians in Egypt know that they will continue to face persecution and bloody attacks from Islamist extremists. “We are in a spiritual warfare against the kingdom of darkness,” he said.







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