The Department of Energy recently declared a state of emergency at the Hanford nuclear production complex in Washington, which could be one of the biggest health and environmental threats to the United States ever. Reports this week of evacuation and limited employee exposure, even a s a precaution, imply something very threatening is going on. Are we on the brink of radiation disaster?

Brad from Full Spectrum Survival posted the following short audio clip on their Patreon regarding the Hanford contamination story, virtually uncovered by mainstream media. He allowed us to post it here.

The Hanford site is considered by many to be the most perceptually contaminated site in North America. Nuclear experts have called it “an underground Chernobyl.” Locals have tested for radiation, and though they see no alarming indicators, the fact that the problems are all underground means we most likely won’t see any change immediately, but over time. Apparently, a series of tunnels have collapsed.

Hanford stores over 56 million gallons of contaminated radioactive waste underground, just upriver from Portland, OR. Any partial of full leak could easily make it into the water system which would have effects way beyond Portland.

Can you imagine what an earthquake might cause? This is an extinction-level event. The fact is that the contaminated radioactive waste stored anywhere will stay there for hundreds of years and always be a threat.

As we discussed at some of our seminars, the Fukushima catastrophe is a major problem, one which will continue to effect marine life throughout the Pacific. Plant and animal life in the Pacific effect the entire globe, on both land and sea. It’s still leaking and extremely unstable. An earthquake or tsunami would cause instant and widespread disaster.

Natural disasters are a huge part of Biblical prophecy. Could it be that, in time, radiation disasters like Fukushima and Hanford contribute to so much life being wiped out from diseases? We are already seeing the trickled effects of the leaky Fukushima. Radiation contamination is something we should prepare for.

We encourage you to listen to Brad’s audio clip above which gives an overview of the situation and tips on how to best prepare ourselves for these types of disasters. Brad and Kelly have 2 YouTube channels you should check out if you haven’t already:

Additionally, they have a Patreon account where you can get exclusive content published daily including a very resourceful preparedness compendium. We highly recommend them for your virtual community.