A recent article by Theodore Shoebat (which we re-posted part of here) brings the twisted view of many Catholic leaders (and others) regarding Christian perspective on homosexuality and LGBT in heaven. Here’s the quote from Fr. James Martin:

“Some of them were probably gay. A certain percentage of humanity is gay, and so were most likely some of the saints. You may be surprised when you get to heaven to be greeted by LGBT men and women.”

lgbt greeters in heavenSo we can understand why Theodore Shoebat is so worked up, and why we should have grave concern over the subject of sexual depravity.

But here’s why I’m commenting on this in our “Perspective” section. We have a perspective problem when it comes to our eternal identities – not just in heaven but here and now. We suffer from mistaken identity.

Those who have professed Jesus as their Savior have new identities! We are sanctified (set apart) as holy through the cleansing work of God. He sees us forgiven because the Kinsmen Redeemer has atoned for our sins… all our sins – sexual sins and all the rest.

This doesn’t give us the liberty to do whatever we want; Scripture is clear on that. We are “being transformed” into His image. God doesn’t forget our sins, yet He completely forgives.

I was also reminded today by this article by Skip Moen regarding misconceptions on the requirement of blood for atonement. God’s requirements for forgiveness always involve the state of the heart. Jesus’ profound sermon on the mount makes this perfectly clear.

So absolutely, there won’t be LGBT greeters for us in heaven. Nor will there be liars, or idolaters, or thieves, or drug addicts, or porn addicts, or murderers, etc. These are all labels which define our fallen nature. Put an “ex-” in front of all those words and I think we’re a little more Biblically correct. That’s what repentance is. We turn from our sin and with God’s help, we overcome our sin nature as we continue living.

If our identities in heaven still reflect our fallen nature, what’s the point? We should just all stay here. The powerful gospel hope is pointless if we’re still known by our stains in heaven.

I commend Theodore Shoebat and my comments are only salt to what he said. I believe he would agree with me. We’re barking up 2 trees in the same forest.