The Perfect Storm of Weather Changes, Man-Made Disaster, Nuclear War or Terrorism

Our changing weather poses great danger – especially when combined with man-made disasters, war or terrorism

The increase in storms and natural disasters continue to increase in the United States as well as around the globe. Most meteorologists and the mainstream media aren’t talking about why any of this is happening. Axial tilt is traceable and there is a confirmed tilt occurring which is causing all this.

We can anticipate a continuation of the storms we’re currently experiencing in the United States and potentially cooler than normal weather as summer progresses. Most of us can appreciate that, but the cooler are means more chaotic weather than normal as it mixes with the warm air of our natural latitude.

And we cannot neglect keeping watch of a potential radiation disaster stemming a perfect storm scenario at the Hanford nuclear site. which we covered in this article. In short, a state of emergency was declared at the site meaning there could already be (or in the future) radiation leaking from the massive underground contamination containers.

Since most of our winds and storms move from the west to the east, any environmental disaster (like Hanford and Fukushima) or any nuclear attack on the west coast could potentially carry deadly radiation thousands of miles across our country, into our air and water sources.

UPDATE: Read newly released information about how Fukushima has effected every human on the planet.

Let’s continue watching weather trends and how they might combine with man-made disasters. To spread the gospel message and continue doing God’s work, we’ve gotta stay alive and provide for those around us.